How to Utilize “My Settings” in GreenFolders- LOK 04

How to Utilize “My Settings” in GreenFolders- LOK 04

Using “My Settings”

Does one size truly fit all? “My Settings” makes it possible to customize many GreenFolders features the way you like*.

GreenFolders “My Settings” provides a way to customize the tools you use, the way you view documents, printing options and much more!  Broken out into seven different sections, “My Settings” can help you find the right balance by checking/unchecking boxes to activate/deactivate the available options.

*The local GreenFolders Administrator determines permission for user customization of “My Settings.”


Whether you are on the title side or the settlement side of a transaction, options found in “Preferences” and “Performance” makes simple things like opening an attachment automatically or printing directly to your inbox, a snap! 


If you do not want RED text each time you type an annotation, change your default color for “Text Annotations”. Set the default color for “Sticky Notes” from yellow to a color of YOUR own choosing!  Change the thickness of your pen, color of your highlighter or redaction tool. Voila`, your settings become your signature mark! 


The GreenFolders display pane renders documents in a “Fit to Width” style by default.  With the “General” option, located under Image Viewer, you can change the way documents are viewed. You may like documents displayed using the “Fit to Height,” or “Best Fit” view.  Selecting a certain zoom level may suit your needs.  Whichever view works best for you, “My Settings” lets you set that particular view as the default.


Customize Font Style, Size, Background and Foreground can also be customized in General Notes as well as in the notes for Tasks! 


If your company is using “Messaging,  “My Settings” is where your credentials can be added and tested. Include your signature here too! 


Color options are available to identify priorities and statuses. These options are configured by your system administrator.  If the color options are available, YOU determine if you want the text or the background to be a specified color, for either the status or the priority, which displays on your home screen. 


Would you like notification when something changes in your folder/file or task, even if GreenFolders is closed? Select the Notification Type (Email or SMS Text message) to receive an email notification or text message of a change. The “General” tab provides an option to turn off ALL notifications for those times when you do not want to be disrupted or are away on vacation. 


You will also find a “Theme” tab, located at the top of the “My Settings” window.  Here you can select from one of our seven different themes for a different GreenFolders look!


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