Cloud - FortiClient Setup for Chromebook

Cloud - FortiClient Setup for Chromebook

Please note:  The screen captures are using an example username.  Please use the username and password given to you.
Open the menu by clicking in the left corner

Open Play Store app

In the search bar, type in FortiClient VPN

There will be several FortiClient apps, choose the one in the screen capture below.  Click Install

Once installed, click Open

Click Ok

Click Allow on the next two messages

Click on User Input

Enter Your Name.  You do not have to fill out the remaining fields.  Click Ok

Please Note:  the name is an example, please enter your name

Click on Next

Click on the Menu in the upper right corner

Select VPN

Click on New VPN

Click on Server.
Enter as the server and click Ok

Click on Port and enter 10443.
Click Ok.

Click on Username and enter the Cloud Username.
*Please note, do not enter the dt\, just enter the username.  Also, the below is an example, please do not use the username in the screen capture. Click Ok.

Click on Prompt User Credentials and select Disabled.

Click Warn invalid server cert and select Disabled

Click the back arrow at the left top screen

Click on Connect

Click Ok

Enter the Cloud Password and click Ok

Once Connected, click Disconnect

Check All Three Boxes and click connect