FortiClient Installation for Windows

FortiClient Installation for Windows

Please login as an Administrator before installing.

To disable Global Protect:

Open the Start Menu 
Search for ‘Global Protect’.  Click on ‘Global Protect

Click on  and select disable

To install FortiClient:

Go to FortiClient

Depending on your web browser, run the EXE file application

If you receive a prompt to make changes to the computer, please accept

This will bring you to the setup wizard.  Check the box to accept and click next

Click Next

Click Install

Click Finish

Open FortiClient

Click on Remote Access and then Configure VPN

You will want to fill/change the following. Once done, click on Save.  (Please note: MrFaux1010 is an example and will not be the same as your Cloud Info.)

Connection Name:  TheraManager

Remote Gateway:

Customize Port:  Check box and enter 10443

Authentication:  Save Login

Username:  Your Cloud Login (e.g. MrFaux1010, do not use dt\.  Please see below example)

Check box next to ‘Do not Warn Invalid Server Certificate’

Enter your Cloud Password (Please note: MrFaux1010 is an example and will not be the same as your Cloud Info.)

Click on Disconnect

Check ALL boxes and click on Connect

You are now connected

PLEASE NOTE:  Please log into Cloud and make sure you are able to access the EMR.

To Uninstall GlobalProtect:

Use the following steps to uninstall the GlobalProtect app from your Windows. Only users with administrator privileges can uninstall the GlobalProtect app from Windows endpoints.

 Select Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features

Select GlobalProtect from the list and click Uninstall

Click Yes

Follow the prompts to Uninstall.

To verify, go back to Program Files list and GlobalProtect should no longer be there