Telehealth Session

Telehealth Session

How to hold a telehealth session:

Our new EMR release, slated for later this year, will have integrated telehealth sessions right within the EMR screen. For now, you may connect directly with our partner company This is the same group we are integrating with. For now, you may login directly from their website to hold your video sessions.  

To get started, just reach out to Korey (details below) and tell him you work with us at TheraManager DocuTrac. He will get you our company discount and you can start video sessions at any time. 

Korey Keenan

Director of Sales

office: (910) 338-0013

sales: (888) 200-7730  


Training your clinicians on how to provide telehealth sessions:

Contact the Telehealth Institute: 

How to get compensated for telehealth sessions

Insurance rules vary company by company and state to state.

When processing telehealth insurance claims, in most cases, you must use '02' as the Place of Service code, and a service type modifier of either 'GT' or '95'. 

Some insurance companies require clinicians to complete an additional document for telehealth sessions. You should have each patient complete a telehealth informed consent form. 

Some groups have advised us that their patients are willing to pay more out of pocket for the convenience of telehealth sessions.