How do I overdub, or record while a song is playing in Song Surgeon

How do I overdub, or record while a song is playing in Song Surgeon

Here are step by step instructions on how to overdub in Version 5:

1. Connect your microphone or instrument to your computer from which
you want to record.
2. Open a song or file in SS
3. Open the Recording window
4. In the Output setting select, overdub
5. Go to the Recording devices (near button) and select the device you
connected in #1.
6. Click the Start button in the Recording window and the loaded file will play and
you can begin playing/singing,
7. When done, click Stop >> Keep.
8. This will open a new instance of SS and insert the recording and you can then play it back.
9. If you wish to save it permanently, Export this newly created recording and create a new audio file.

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