ARTICLE: Airport View (Student Movement Screen)

ARTICLE: Airport View (Student Movement Screen)

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The Student Movement screen is more commonly referred to as the Airport View screen because it looks like the Arrivals and Departures screens that we see at an airport.  Its role is to provide you with a list of known movements for students that are scheduled to depart on approved leave events or are returning from leave events off campus in the next 24 hours.  This screen provides a "what's happening today" view of your student movements.


Important functions when viewing or using the Airport view

  • The screen will be pre-filtered according to the "Groups Managed" settings in your personal profile
  • Only Approved leave requests for the coming 24 hours will display in the Departures screen List  
  • Selecting multiple students in the selection boxes of departure screen allows you to bulk sign out students
  • Background colour of the student's name will change colour based on whether they are late or not.
  • Clicking on the Time of an item will provide you with multiple actions including sign out/in, add quick time or send the student an SMS
  • Clicking the settings cog allows you to change the way Airport tables display (horizontally or vertically one on top of the other) 

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