ARTICLE: Approve by Proxy with the Reach Mobile App

ARTICLE: Approve by Proxy with the Reach Mobile App

There may be instances where another administrator or staff member might need to approve a leave request on behalf of another administrator or staff member.  This will require them to use the Approve by Proxy method in the Leave Audit Trail, similar to the procedure used in Manage Leave in the Reach web browser system. 

The ability for a staff/administrator to Approve by Proxy for a leave request is based on the users' role type infinity settings in System Configurations or their individual accessibility settings in their People Management Profile.  These permissions are set by your school's Reach Administrator.

To approve a leave request by proxy in the Reach App, tap the Leave icon in the bottom menu bar.  We see here a Pending leave for a student. The actor icons show that a parent has approved this leave, but we are waiting on approval from the Dean's Office. Tap the Leave Overview tile to view the Leave Details.  From the Leave Details screen, tap AUDIT to view the Leave Audit Trail.  The Leave Audit Trail contains information about the Actors in the leave's approval process.  In this example, we can see Sarah Beatson, mother of Jb Beatson, has approved this leave request.  Scroll down to the next actor level to approve by proxy.

The Level 2 actors have not yet approved the leave, so the leave's status remains at Pending.  To approve by proxy on behalf of another person, tap the 3 dots by that person's name, and tap Approve By Proxy.

Type the reason for the proxy approval.  In this instance, the dean on duty sees that parent approval has been granted and the two deans who would normally approve this students' leave request are not on campus at this time.  Enter the reason for Proxy Approval and tap OK to submit reason for proxy approval.  Once Proxy Approval has been successfully registered, tap OK on the confirmation message.

We see now for this Level 2 actor that the leave was "Approved by other," as indicated by the blue icon and note.  Next to the proxy approver's name, we also see noted the reason for the approval.  Scroll back up to the top of the Leave Details screen and click the X in the top left corner to exit.  Since the Dean's office was the final actor in the approval process, the leave status has been updated to Approved and the Dean's Office actor icon is now colored Blue, indicating that the leave was Approved by other at that actor level.  

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