ARTICLE: Audit Log

ARTICLE: Audit Log

Audit Log

The Audit Log maintains a record of all transactions, communications, or events that have occurred in your portal. This is the accumulated data of your historical recordings, the ultimate filing cabinet in REACH, with the recovery of records made easy by using the search fields within the Audit Log.

To access, navigate to Dashboards > Audit Log. 

Filters in the Audit Log

Using the provided fields you can search for records by keywords, be more specific with dates/names or select from the Module items. 
When ready, click the green 'Search Audit Log' button to begin.

The Audit Log will list the records directly below in the 'Search Results' field, listed in 'Item ID' number order, which is automatically created chronologically. 
To conduct another search, the red 'Clear Search' button is provided for a fast re-start.

In the below example, the Results are currently 'showing 1 to 50 of 204 entries',
This can be further adjusted with the following options; 
  1.  Using the 'Search' field on the right-hand side of the screen
    1. This assists in refining your search, allowing greater efficiency in isolating specific actions within your search results.
      1. The following words are key summary categories; Created / Updated / Deleted
      2. Using the student or staff name will also isolate historic records
  2.  Using the 'Sort' arrows accompanying each column header - Item ID / Date / IP Address / Who / Module / Summary
  3.  Using the 'Show' pop-down menu located at the bottom-left of the screen, to select more or less entries 
  4.  Using the page selector located at the bottom-right of the screen to skip ahead to the next page of results

Audit Summary

Click on a line item from the Search Results to open the Audit Summary, this provides greater detail to that particular item and the associated records.

Audit Summary - Details Tab

Click the Summary Arrow icon, which opens into a new page Tab within Reach, to provide all available details for that historical record.

Audit Timeline 

Chronologically listed are the records associated with the initial Audit Item, scroll down or up to view.
As can be seen in the image above, the item selected initially in Audit Summary, 'Leave Request Approved', can also be seen in order, within the Timeline.

Details noted within each grey tile; are the Action Header, the Item ID number, the name of the person who actioned / created the record via their activity within Reach, the IP Address of their device, and the brief detail of that action.

Icons running down the left-hand side of the Timeline panel represent the type of record, under each icon, are the date and time of each record.
The light blue text box above shows the icons found in the Timeline and across Reach.

The green 'Print Text' button is provided for you to easily capture the data results of your search.

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