ARTICLE: Blackbaud's SKY API

ARTICLE: Blackbaud's SKY API

Blackbaud’s SKY API (North America) 

SKY API Setup Instructions:

SKY API for Schools provides access to school information such as users, academics, admissions, athletics, content, general school info, and lists. 

Before setting up, please check Blackbaud’s prerequisites list to make sure you are able to connect your sync through SKY API:

Follow Blackbaud’s setup instructions to connect to Reach via SKY API once you confirm the prerequisite are met:

Here are the steps to connect the SKY API sync to your Reach portal:

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Click the "Connect app" button.
  3. Paste our Application ID: e1926b82-b1e4-4adf-9c92-d58bd935f4a8
  4. In the Reach Overview page, select 'Connect' and follow the prompts to connect the app.  
  1. Once that connection is complete, please visit and follow the instructions

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