ARTICLE: How to Activate QR Codes

ARTICLE: How to Activate QR Codes

QR Codes change every 10 seconds to prevent students from storing unauthorized copies of QR codes.

You can activate QR codes on standard kiosks (How to Setup a Kiosk), on Biopads and on either device for unattended rollcalls.

Go to System Configuration > QR and NFC and switch on whichever settings you want to apply.

  1. Show QR on Standard Kiosk - Should the QR code appear on Kiosk screens when faces are shown?
  2. Show QR on Headless Kiosk - Should the QR code appear on Kiosk screens when faces are hidden?
  3. Show QR on Standard BioPad - Should the QR code appear on Biopad screens when faces are shown?
  4. Show QR on Headless BioPad - Should the QR code appear on Biopad screens when faces are hidden?
  5. Show QR on Unattended Rollcall - Should the QR code appear during unattended rollcalls?
  6. Show QR on Mobile App - Should the QR Scan option on the mobile app?

QR codes will not show up on a kiosk unless a location has been set for the kiosk account on the Metadata tab in People Management
To set a location for your Kiosks go to the account details for the Kiosk account in People Management.  In the Metadata tab set the Current Location to the location that you want the kiosk to represent. Each Kiosk account can only represent one location.

kiosk locationSet Kiosk Location

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