ARTICLE: Adding images to contact profiles in Reach

ARTICLE: How to Add Photo to Student, Staff, Parent or Host Profiles

Managing profile photographs is a simple matter of uploading an image file to the user's profile.  All contacts in Reach can have a photograph installed, it is not confined to students.

File Type Preference
JPG or PNG is preferable
File Dimensions
Aspect Ratio of 1:1 (300x300, etc) 
File Size limit <2MB

File Naming Convention
If you are loading photographs manually to the contact's personal profile using the Photo Tab in the personal profile then you can use any file name convention you like.
If you are uploading images using the bulk image uploader then the User's ID number must be used as the file name for Reach to automatically allocate the image to the user's profile. You can manually map images to a user's profile in the bulk image uploader if the file name is not the same as the user's ID number.

How to Upload a Single Image to a Student Profile
To upload an image directly to the contact's profile via the People Management > View Contacts menu.  For students, you can also access the profile for editing by clicking on the Edit button in the Student Sidebar profile of the student.pen the student profile and add the image file in the student's Photo Tab.

Images can be uploaded to any type of user profile in Reach

Uploading Images in Bulk Using the Bulk Image Uploader
Go to Data Management > Bulk Image Uploader. See additional article relating to Bulk Photo Upload - ARTICLE: Bulk Photo Upload

  1. Click in the "Photos to Pick" area to open a file browser, browse to and select all photo files you wish to upload
  2. Scroll down to "Map to People" and confirm the system has matched up the photos to who you expect. You can manually assign individuals here too.
  3. Scroll down to "Upload Photos" and click the green "Upload" button
  4. Groups of photos in the "Photos to Pick" area will begin loading and then disappear as they finish. Your bulk photo upload is complete when all photos vanish from this list.
Alternatively, you may use Reach's Securedrop to deposit a compressed zip file of your student images for bulk import into Reach.  Deposit your zip file

Note: The file name for each photo need to match the ID Number (SIS_PK) of the student/staff/parent/host for which it's being uploaded.  

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