ARTICLE: Magnus Health Integration

ARTICLE: Magnus Health Integration

Magnus Health (North America)

Magnus Health API Setup Instructions:

In order to connect to Magnus Health’s API, we need to organize with both your school and Magnus. With both parties set up correctly, Reach will be able to add your school to the nightly sync for daily updates, as well as perform your initial import.

Setup Checklist:
Follow the checklist below in order to establish your API sync with Reach (Magnus Health can provide these items to Reach on your school’s behalf):
  1. Your school’s Magnus ClientID
  2. Magnus Registration Code
  3. Magnus API Key

If your Reach SIS_PK numbers match the students' ID numbers from Magnus, then that is all that is required for set up.  If your Reach SIS_PK numbers do not match the student ID numbers from Magnus, Magnus can provide a mapping for us based on student email addresses.

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