Meals Count and Meals Dashboards

ARTICLE: Meals Count and Meals Dashboards

REACH has three places where you can view meal counts.  Each display serves a different purpose.
  1. Meals Count - metrics screen
  2. Special Meals - Meals Dashboard
  3. Individual Student by Day count - Meals Dashboard
Setting meal times is don in your System Configuration > Meals setting

Meals Count

The meals count display is found on the Metrics screen in the Meals Widget.

The Meals widget displays the aggregate number of meals that will be required for the upcoming meal times.  This is based on the known data in REACH for each student profile determining when students are expected to be on or off campus.

The on/off status of the student is aligned with your scheduled meals to determine how many students in aggregate are expected to be at any particular meal.  You can display this number to include or hide Pending leave events.

Share with Kitchen
You can share this count with your catering department easily by clicking on the Email to Kitchen button. This will send an email of the next week of expected meals to the email address that you have configured in your Kitchen email setting.
Set the Kitchen contact email in System Configuration > Communications > Kitchen Email

Special Meals

The Special Meals screen is found in the Dashboards Menu > Meals Dashboard

Special meals are non-standard meals. These may be meals that are influenced by a medical condition or late meals/packed meals which can be ordered through your Leave Request forms or Lists.  Meal counts are calculated in the same way as the Meals Count widget display however the Special Meals dashboard simply displays which meals are non-standard and for which student.

Individual students requiring the Special meals are identified in a drop down list for each meal count also.

Meals Report - By Day

The Meals Report-By Day screen is found in the Dashboards Menu > Meals Dashboard

This screen provides you with a list of your entire student population for each of your scheduled meals in REACH, for each day of the week.

This staff to confirm the meal status for each individual student if they are concerned about making sure a student's late meal has been ordered or if meals are updated when a student's approved leave event has been cancelled.

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