ARTICLE: Sending a Bulk Welcome Email

ARTICLE: Sending a Bulk Welcome Email

You are able to send a welcome email to a large number of new users with information on how to access their Reach account.

In order to reduce the likelihood of our emails getting caught in spam filters, you will be required to contact Reach to obtain a key for bulk emails.

Navigate to Data Management > Bulk Welcome Sender

Step 1: Enter Key

Click Request Sending Key and fill in the required information. A Reach team member will review your request and get back to you within one business day with your key.

Once you have obtained your key, return to the Bulk Welcome Sender screen and paste it into the Sending Key box. Click Next.

Step 2: Select Contacts

You can select the users that you would like to email by type names in the Contacts to Communicate With box.  To bulk select users, click the green Bulk Selection icon on the right; in addition from being able to select individual users to add as Selected Contacts, you can select from various filters such has Dorm, Grade, Group or Role Type to quickly select all who fall into those categories. Back on the Step 2 page for Selecting Contacts in the Quick Shortcuts section, you can quickly select Boarders Created This Year Only, Parents Created This Year Only, Boarders Without Usernames, and Parents Without Usernames. When finished, click Next.

Step 3: Correspondence Templates

Click Send via Email.

You can select a template that sends the user a Welcome Wizard email. You can also create your own template from scratch.  Note: Custom templates are not saved.

You can also insert placeholders into your template that will behave like a mail merge when the email is sent.
  1. {{fname}} - User's first name
  2. {{logo}} - Your school's logo
  3. {{schoolName}} - Your school's name
  4. {{welcomeLink}} - A unique Welcome Wizard link for that user
When you have finished editing your template, click Next.

Step 4: Review and Send

As a final step, please read and acknowledge the disclaimer. 

Reach Boarding, Touchline Connect Pty Ltd, and its worldwide affiliates and partners are NOT liable for the content of the messages you are about to send out. Each email will have a footer with YOUR NAME on it and Reach will audit log this event.

Click Send Now to send the emails.

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