Sending Reach Emails from Your School Domain

ARTICLE: Sending Reach Emails from Your School Domain

Sending emails with Reach

By default, Reach sends emails from because the mail domain SPF records have been configured to allow our mail delivery service to deliver emails on behalf of our domain. This authority allows email clients to clearly see who is sending emails, even if the email address is spoofed. In order to use an email address that resides within your domain (whether it is a real account or not), you will need to update your DNS SPF records to allow us to send on behalf of your domain, otherwise, emails sent from Reach will automatically be filed in JUNK/SPAM on your destination client’s end.

What is an SPF?

SPF or Sender Policy Framework is used to indicate to mail exchanges which hosts are authorized to send mail for a domain. It is defined in RFC 4408 and clarified by RFC 7208.

How do I set this up?

You will need access to edit your DNS Zone file for the domain you wish to use. When you have access to your zone file, you will either already have an SPF record or not. An SPF record is a TXT entry that includes some basic information about versioning and a space-separated list of source domains that you grant authority to deliver on your behalf.

New SPF TXT entries

You will need to add a TXT record (don’t use the SPF record time as it’s deprecated). In the value field, just paste the example below.
v=spf1 a mx ~all

Existing SPF TXT entries

If you already have an SPF record then you’ll simply need to APPEND the following:
Make sure that you paste this BEFORE your final “-all” or “~all” at the end of the file or it will invalidate your SPF entry.

Details about the specific structure of a valid SPF record can be found here.

You can test your SPF record once it has propagated here.

Configure the Reach Portal to send emails from your domain

Once the SPF entry has been configured, navigate to System Configuration > Communication in your Reach Portal and change the Email From Address field.

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