ARTICLE: Student Locator

ARTICLE: Student Locator

Student Locator 

The Student Locator provides a detailed dashboard view of your student population and their location. This Locator screen by default shows all current on/off campus locations of all students, you can then refine the view using the filters provided, or search for an individual student.
Locations and their corresponding colours presented here and throughout the Reach Portal are created and managed by your school. 

Go To: Dashboards >> Student Locator

How to Navigate

Top Row Selector Fields

The top of the Student Locator screen provides the standard Reach drop-down selectors to refine your search of the student population as required, all items in each list are created/managed by your school. All viewable data will auto-update as you select/deselect any item.
  1. House/Dorm
  2. Year/Grade
  3. Locations
  4. Groups
You are also provided with a Refresh button to force the search again to update.
For example; When multiple staff members are using Reach from different devices at the same time, adjusting student locations via the Kiosk screen, will affect the search results, click Refresh to update.

Chart Columns and Download 

Additional options to refine your search are available in the Chart View and above it, these include;
  1. Columns drop-down selector allows you to select/deselect any/all columns to filter the Chart View
  2. Download Spreadsheet button, when clicked, will directly download the current Chart View to your device
  3. Search Bar is provided for a quick, direct search for a particular student
  4. Up/Down arrows in each column header to filter the Chart View by that selected column

How to view the Student Location Data

There are three main areas to utilise;
  1. The Pie Chart
  2. OFF/ON Campus Indicator
  3. Chart View

The Pie Chart

The Pie Chart displays all of your student population as a simple interactive colour-coded view, these colours reflect the portion of students currently checked-in to each location. 
  1. Hover your mouse over a slice of the Pie to show quick data for that location
  2. Click on any slice to display the data of that location, this will auto-update all data areas
    1. Click the slice again to return to the full selection

OFF/ON Campus Indicator

The Campus Indicator is a view-only area that clearly splits the student data into Off-Campus and On-Campus locations for a quick view, by Red/Green colour separation.
  1. The top line shows the total number of students split over Off/On Campus locations
  2. The middle line shows the split of Off/On Campus students by Year/Grade
  3. The bottom line shows the split of Off/On Campus students by House/Dorm

Chart View

The Chart View shows more data and using the Columns selector and Up/Down Arrows per column, you can view the data as you wish, then download as required.

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