ARTICLE: Take Rollcall with Dynamic Rollcall

ARTICLE: Take Rollcall with Dynamic Rollcall

Within Standard Rollcall, staff now have the ability to display a QR code for their students to scan to be able to record their attendance for a specified rollcall.  Staff can display the QR code on a device, such as projecting to the front of a classroom or displaying the QR code on a tablet for students to scan as they enter into an area.  Students will use the Reach mobile app on their phone to scan the QR code.

Navigate to Rollcall Management > Take Rollcall.  Set your fields to display your required Houses/Dorms, Grades, Locations, Groups that you would like to filter for the Rollcall.  Be sure to select the Rollcall Category and select a location from Update Location if you'd like the students' location to update at the submission of the completed Rollcall.  Once all of your filters are set, click Open Dynamic to display the Rollcall's QR code.  To open only the QR in a separate pop-up window to display for students without projecting the student roster, click Open QR Code in Pop-up. 

Students will open the Reach mobile app on their phone, click SISO and select QR SISO to open their camera to allow for scanning the QR code.  The student will see a notification of a successful scan directly on their phone.  On the Dynamic Rollcall screen, you will see their icon tile turn from white to green, indicating the student had a successful scan that accounted for their presence.

Once all students have scanned the QR code to account for their attendance, click Finished, which will bring you back to the Take Rollcall screen.  From here, you can manually update the attendance mark for a student.  Perhaps a student who hadn't scanned the code walks into the room late.  You can change their absence mark from the red X to the green checkmark, and even include a note about their late arrival, which will be recorded with that student's attendance marking.  When you are ready to finalize your Rollcall, click Submit Rollcall

If you had selected to Update Location to a specific location in your Rollcall, once you select Submit Rollcall, the students who were marked present will have their location updated automatically in Reach to the specified location for the Rollcall.

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