ARTICLE: Voyage Transport Hub

ARTICLE: Voyage Transport Hub

Voyage Transport Hub 

This feature is provided as part of Voyage, an extension module of Reach, this is your Transport Dashboard, a place where you can see all journey data collated in tables by transport type for easy viewing, editing, exporting, and reporting. Eg: View all flights arranged for end-of-term leave departures. 
To access, navigate to Reporting >> Voyage Transport Hub

Voyage Extension Module

The Voyage module, when activated, enables you to enhance the Leave Transport Type settings, and create an unlimited number of Transport Type templates which provides greater options in creating diverse Leave Requests. Voyage also further extends the data collection capabilities of Transport information within your Reach portal.  
To manage transport settings, navigate to System Configuration >> Transport Types

If your school has not added the Voyage extension module OR Voyage is turned off; the Voyage configuration options and the Voyage Transport Hub will be disabled in your Reach Portal  
In System Configuration - Transport Types. When a transport type selector is changed to a transport type that previously had a Voyage form configured, but Voyage has since been turned off, the form will display, but the user will not be able to enter data for that form.

How to Navigate the Voyage Transport Hub

Transport Type dropdown selector
This menu lists the methods of transport created and managed by your school. Click on an item to select, or use the 'Select/Deselect All' buttons to manage the items to search.
A single item selection will present directly below, on this page, for a fast list of historical data for that Transport Type. 
Selecting multiple transport items will present all items as separate data tables on this page in order of the menu list.  

Start Time / End Time / X
View the selected Transport Types tables for any date range. Simply set the date range that you want to display in the tabled results.
The first click on either Date/Time field will pop-up the calendar to make a selection, use the left/right arrows to move one month, click the month/year field within the calendar to open the Month selector, click this field again to open the Year selector.
The White X Icon, once clicked will clear all existing Date/Time selections, allowing you to start fresh.

Dropdown Filters 
Curate your required students based on any of your primary lookup options including House/Dorm, Year/Grade, Locations, Groups, Leave Types, Leave States.
The first four of these filters are standard across Reach and should be quite familiar. The Filter 'All Leave Types' will become more familiar, the more you use Leave Management. All of the menus are created and managed by your school.
The Filter 'All Leave States' is pre-set within Reach and used to distinguish the current status of a Leave Request, with regards to its approval process. 
 - Pending / Approved / Rejected / On Leave 

Search Legs Button
Click the green Search Legs button to reveal the results of your selected search parameters.

The following actionable items are available in each Data Field for each Transport Type; Columns, Show Entries, Download Spreadsheet, Search, Table Columns.

Columns Dropdown Menu
In the top left corner of each Data Field, the Columns button reveals a dropdown menu containing each Column Header, click each item off/on with the bullet-point indicating green when the Column is showing in the table.
The Columns; Leave Request ID, Leave State, Student Name, House/Dorm, Year/Grade, are all standard within Reach, their data is created from Leave Management.
The item Controls, shown at the bottom of the Columns menu and always at the far right-hand side of the table, shows the icons Edit & Leave Management, and these are explained in detail within the next section 'Navigate Leave Management and Edit icons'

Show Entries
This small dropdown menu provides the option to show 10/25/50/100 entries in this particular Data Field.

Download Spreadsheet
A Data Field can be exported individually by using the Download Spreadsheet option for each table. The document will immediately push the transport table to a download, a .csv file will appear in the Downloads folder on your computer.

Search Bar
Quick Search in each Data Field to quickly find any individual or keyword that might be present in your data set. Using the Search Bar, start typing a name/word to search and the search bar will begin to filter your data to match automatically.

Table Columns
When creating Voyage Transport Types in System Configuration >> Transport Types, Field Types can also be created under each template, as managed by your school. These Field Types become the 'Information Field' prompts within 'Create New Leave Request'. The information entered in those fields will be presented under the respective column headings (Field Types) for that particular Transport Type within the Voyage Transport Hub table view.
In the example image below, the Transport Type 'Flight Depart' has been selected.
Along with the standard Reach columns Leave State, Student name, etc, other columns shown are particular to this Transport Type. These columns show the information that was required during the Leave Request creation process. Eg; Flight Number, Terminal, Departure Time, etc.
Each Column Header shows a set of Up/Down arrows for you to control the data in this particular table. Once a column is selected, these arrows change to a single Arrow with a data direction indicator.

No Data 
In this example, no search parameters were set, only the Transport Type selected. In this case, there is no data, the grey bar at the bottom of this particular table notes; 'No date available in table'.

In the example image below, the left section shows part of the 'Flight' Transport Type, presenting details of the columns; Departure Time, Booking Number, Transportation Method, and Controls.
The Controls column shows two Icons, once an individual icon is clicked, the result will pop-out.

Suitcase Icon - Leave Management
Once clicked, it will provide you with access to the Leave Details associated with that particular Leave request, where the Details can be adjusted and you can also edit multiple Voyage legs at once.

Edit Icon - Voyage Leg
Once clicked, it will launch a pop-up, where you can quickly access the details to edit that single Voyage Leg.

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