HOW TO: Conduct a connectivity test for your Reach portal or device.

HOW TO: Conduct a connectivity test for your Reach portal or device.

If you are experiencing data sync issues between devices when using REACH the most likely cause is that your device or devices may be losing connectivity to the REACH server. In order to troubleshoot this you should conduct a Connectivity Test for your devices to identify if the any devices are losing connectivity to your REACH server on a consistent basis.

For Standard Staff Accounts

  • Go to the Help >> Menu >> Network Test
  • When you select the Start button REACH will begin a dual testing sequence.
  • Every 30 seconds, until stopped, your REACH portal will record the results the following test results
    1. Result from its attempt to connect to Google (indicating device internet connectivity status).
    2. Result from its attempt to connect to your REACH server (indicating device connectivity to REACH).
  • You can run this test in the background as you use REACH throughout the day. We would recommend running it for at least 1 hour but you can run it for as long as you like.
  • REACH will score the results and indicate any connectivity failures which can then be investigated more thoroughly for repair.

For Student Kiosk Accounts

  • Go to the Wifi Icon at the top right of Screen
  • The Kiosk network test tracks communications to and from the Kiosk device in the table provided. You can see from the list of updated transactions the flowof data from the REACH server to the Kiosk device and you can send this data to REACH Tech support for analysis if you are experiencing connectivity problems.

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