Troubleshoot Parents Not Receiving Emails

How To: Troubleshoot Parents Not Receiving Emails

REACH tracks all emails sent for confirmations of Sending, Delivery, Opening and Click.  We also track the IP address for Open and Click events.

Sometimes a user's email service might interfere with the safe delivery of an email. This is most often related to the spam and security filters that are set in the recipient's mail service and cannot be influenced by REACH. 

A Delivered confirmation in your email log is a receipt from the recipient's mailserver that it has received the email.  We are unable to control what an email service does with an email once they receive it, this is entirely controlled by the recipient's mail service provider. All REACH can do is ensure that it is delivered to the recipient's mail server. 

Steps you can take to assist with email delivery

1.  Parents should ensure that the sending email address is whitelisted as a safe sender on their email settings.

2.  Change the sending email address to one that aligns with your school.  The default setting is  You can change this at SystemConfig > Communications > Email From Address
Note that the email you use must be a legitimate email address (ie: must exist) otherwise it will be rejected by mail servers.
3. Check your Email logs for the status of the email.  Go to Dashboards > Email Log
  1. If the state is Delivered then this is confirmation that the recipient's email service has received the email.  The Delivered state is generated by the recipient's email server providing a receipt confirmation of the email.
  2. If the state is Failed then you can open the item and identify the reason.  If it is a suppression (eg: unsubscribed) then REACH can get the suppression lifted. Please send the email address to REACH in a support ticket and we will get the suppression lifted (email
4.  For delivered emails that parents cannot locate in their email service, please ask the parent to search for the Leave ID Number , not the sender detail.  The leave ID number is unique and will isolate the search better in their search procedure. Searching for the words 'Leave Authorisation Request' will also help as ths is in the Subject line of the email sent.

5. In the email log you can click on any of the item in your mail log and share the Message ID with the recipient; they can send this message identifier to their mail service provider support desk and ask them where the message has been delivered to if they're not able to locate it themselves.  If the message state is "delivered" then the recipient mail server has definitely received the email.

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