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            Ad Hoc Leave Request?

            So what’s an Ad Hoc Leave Request?
            Let’s say, for example, Boarder John Smith comes down to reception and asks whether he’s allowed to go to the Gym. In this case the Gym is on campus and is an approved location for Boarders to go to.
            There are two options that REACH can process here:
            1. Allow the Boarder’s “location” to be updated to Gym
            2. Create an Approved Leave Request for the Boarder to go to the Gym and set a DEFAULT amount of time that the Boarder is allowed to be at the Gym before REACH determines that the Boarder needs to be back
            In instance #1 we see that the Boarder’s location has been updated only. This tells ALL staff where the Boarder is. All attendances taken will state that the Boarder is at the Gym and during an emergency, the Boarder’s location will be displayed to all staff.
            When the Boarder returns to the Boarder House they simple SISO back in by selecting their photo in Kiosk View and selecting the Boarding House to which they have returned.
            In instance #2, REACH can be configured to say, whenever I select a location (in this case the Gym), create an automatically Approved Leave Request for X number of minutes and SISO the Boarder out to “Gym” all with the press of one button.
            The Location can still be locked down to requiring PIN numbers, but instance #2 gives schools the ability to automatically create a record in REACH to state when the Boarder SHOULD be back at the Boarding House.
            So when a Location with a Default Leave Request is triggered, REACH will automatically create a Leave Request on behalf of the Boarder, requested by the Staff member who triggered the event, Leaving “now” (ie. when the Location button was pressed) and returning “now” + X number of minutes as stated in the Location Configuration.
            This Leave Request is identical to any other, thus if the default amount of time is not satisfactory in this specific instance, the Staff member can simply go to Metrics View, look for the Leave Request created and alter that Leave Request return time accordingly.
            Updated: 07 Nov 2016 10:20 PM
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