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            Adding a Terms & Conditions document to your Leave Authorisations to parents and hosts

            REACH allows you to attached a document and statement to requests for leave authorisations to parents and hosts so that your school Terms and Conditions are accessible to and recognised by parents and hosts when they are approving leave.

            The approval statement provided in your leave request for authorisation sent to parents and hosts when this document is attached is the following;

            Please note than by approving this Leave Request you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to to SCHOOL NAME Terms and Conditions for Leave.

            Setting your terms and conditions document is done by utilising the REACH file manager which allows you to upload any number of documents for sharing with your boarding community.

            1.  Go to File Manager in your Main Menu.
            This menu option may not be available for all users.

            2. Upload your document.  If you do not already have a folder for all of your policy documents then you can create a new folder if you need to.  Storing documents in folders will assist you to maintain good order for your documents.

            Once your document is loaded you need to allocate the document to your Leave Terms and Conditions setting.

            3.  Go to System Configuration - Leave General - Terms and Conditions Document and map this setting to your file location in the REACH File Manager.

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