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            Australian Boarding Schools Innovation Award for Michael Holland & REACH School Boarding Software.

            ABSA Award 2014

            ABSA Chairman Garth Wynne and Tom Dunsmore of the ABSA present Michael Holland with the 2014 Industry Innovation Award.

            Every second year the Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA) recognises a person or school who has stepped out of the norm to achieve something exciting in their school that provides the boarders and/or the staff with an excellent standard of service.

            At the ABSA National Conference in November 2014 Michael Holland, the Head of Boarding at Brisbane Boys College, received the ABSA Innovation Award for his work in the development of REACH School Boarding Software.

            What began as a conversation on a rugby field in 2012 when Michael was Head of Boarding at Guildford Grammar School in Perth has resulted in a comprehensive Boarding School


            Michael with the REACH development team Steven Montgomery and Guru Brad Gibby.

            Management System that helps boarding schools across the world to manage risk, gain efficiency and improve communications.

            With Michael’s assistance as REACH’s founding pilot school our development team identified and tested REACH from the ground up. Now just 18 months later more than 50 schools in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA, Canada, UK and Africa benefit from using REACH School Boarding Software to manage their daily boarding activities.

            Congratulations Michael on your well deserved recognition for the tremendous work you did to help us design, build and test REACH School Boarding Software.  Many schools will benefit for many years from your efforts.

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            Updated: 01 Nov 2016 10:01 PM
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