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            Accessing multiple students from the one parent log in account

            Viewing multiple students at the same school

            If you are a parent or guardian that has more than one student at a school then you will see each of those students in your existing login for your school portal when you log in on the web service and also on the mobile app.

            Viewing multiple student at different schools using REACH

            If you are a parent that has multiple students at different schools using REACH then the mobile app will allow you to log into both school portals at the same time and see both students on the one instance. 

            This is only possible in the mobile app and it is not possible via web portal log in. When using PC to access REACH via your web browser then is it necessary to log into each school's portal separately.

            How to log into multiple portals on the mobile app

            When using the mobile app you will be asked to identify a school for your account when you log into the app for the first time.  You will also have the ability to add more schools that you have an account for via the Manage Schools menu option.  

            Open the Manage Schools menu option and Add another school

            From the main menu button on the mobile app you will see the School Management Menu option. Selecting this will allow you to add links to multiple school portals using your mobile app.
            1. You can access the Main Menu by clicking the three horizontal bars at the top left corner of your mobile app screen.
            2. Select Manage Schools from the Main Menu
            3. Select the Add option (Plus icon) in the School Management screen
            4. Add any additional schools that you have children attending
            5. Once added, any students that you are associated to will display in your Boarder Selection options when creating or viewing leave.


            Updated: 09 Oct 2018 05:23 PM
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