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            Accessing multiple students from the one parent log in account

            Logging in to more than one school on the REACH mobile app

            Parents who have children at multiple schools using REACH can use the single instance of the mobile app to
            manage all children at different schools. This ability is only available through the mobile app and not when
            using the web portal for the schools.

            The REACH mobile app can only show on school image on the home screen so whichever school you log into first will be the image that is used for your mobile app.

            How to register your app multiple schools

            Once you have established the connection to one school on the mobile app go to the main menu and select School Management > Manage Schools.

            This will open the School Management page where you can add new schools to your mobile app.

            To add a new school simply repeat the initial login sequence for each new school:

            Search - Login - Set PIN

            Use a common PIN Number

            When loading more than one school be sure to use the same PIN number for each school as your registration process.

            When more than one school is added, you can see all of the relevant data for each student in the various screens. When creating leave requests you will be required to select which student the leave request is for.


            Updated: 14 Oct 2019 04:08 PM
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