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            Kiosk View Only (Tablet or PC)

            So your Boarders can use the Kiosk View within REACH on a Tablet or PC, without access to any other section of the REACH platform, you can create a simple username and login.


            Create New Staff

            Once you have created a new Staff Member you can give the Tablet or PC a name, so each device has its own login details.

            Next go to the Security Tab 

            When you select this, you need to ensure your select a Username and Password for the device and have the security setting to Kiosk View

            Just like a staff member you can pre-configured the correct groups this device can display.

            Now when the Kiosk Tablet or PC is accessed the screen will display the Kiosk View for that assigned Group or Groups

            Updated: 04 Nov 2016 09:13 PM
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