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            Dashboard - Airport View

            Airport View - Student Movements

            The Airport View or Student Movements View allows you to easily manage student movements for the current day. It provides details of departures and arrivals times for the next 24 hours with colour coded event status indicators.
            We call it the Airport View because this screen is inspired by the arrivals and departures screens that we commonly see at an airport.
            Only Approved leave events are displayed on the Airport Screen.
            As is the case with all REACH screens, clicking on the boarder name will open the Student Sidebar Screen from the right hand side of your screen and clicking on any leave event will open the Leave Details Tab for that event.

             [1] Departures List 

            A list of all student departures from campus for leave events in the coming 24 hours.

            [2] Arrivals List

            A list of all boarders expected back into campus in the coming 24 hours.

            [3] Search Options

            You can search both the Departures List and the Arrivals List by any criteria to find events that match.  Simply start typing your search term in the search field and the list will begin to filter immediately.
            You can also sort or rank the lists by any field simply by clicking on the up/down arrows to the right of the field name.

            [4] Select for action

            Selecting any individual will open up that boarder's detail so that you can sign the boarder in or out of the campus.

            [5] Bulk SISO

            Bulk Sign In/Sign Out allows you to process multiple boarders at one time.  If you have a group movement then this will allow you to select all of the relevant boarders and sign then in/out of the campus in a single transaction.
            Updated: 04 Nov 2016 09:33 PM
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