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            Your Boarder List 

            The Boarder List dashboard provides a full list of boarders at your school.
            You can select the number of records per page that REACH displays in your boarder list from the drop down selector at the top left of the boarder list.
            The Search field can be used to reduce your list to those that you are specifically interested in sseing. 
            The view above is searched by the name Julie however you can search your list by any information at all.  You could, for instance, search by a house or year name to see only those boarders on your list.
            Sorting and Ranking your list is easy.  Simply click in the arrow keys to the right of the column name.  You can sort by any column field in the list views.  As an example, the image above is sorted by year group.
            Clicking on the name of a boarder at any time in REACH will open the Student Sidebar Screen.  This will allow you to check any boarders for details that you may require.
            Updated: 04 Nov 2016 09:36 PM
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