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            Dashboard - Metrics View

            The REACH Metrics Dashboard is the main landing page of REACH when you log into your system as an Administrator or Staff User.
            This dashboard is designed to provide you with a rapid overview of the current status of your boarding house.
             [1] Menu Sidebar

            The Menu Sidebar is where all of the actions for REACH can be accessed.  Selecting any of the main menu options provides a drop down list of pages that you can access in that menu category. 
            By default the Menu Bar displays when you log into REACH. However, it can also be hidden so that you can achieve a larger working space in the main body of the screen by using the Menu Bar Open/Close arrows (Ref #2).

            [2] Menu bar Open/Close

            The Menu Bar Open/Close arrows operate to open or close the left hand Menu Sidebar screen space.

            [3] Tabs - Multitask

            REACH allows for multiple operating tabs to be open at any time so that users can multi-task when using REACH.  Each time you select a menu item it will open a new operating tab. 
            You can have an unlimited number of tabs open in REACH. However we do not advise having more than 12 tabs open at any time because this can negatively impact the speed that REACH can operate.

            [4] Universal Search

            Key any details into the Universal Search bar and REACH will search your whole portal to find any suitable matches to your search request.

            [5] Cloud Connection Icon

            The Cloud Connection Icon is a simple indicator of your connection status so that data can be transferred for updating and displayed on other linked devices.

            [6] Notifications Alert

            The Notifications Alert is used to alert users when they have received a new notification message.

            [7] Emergency Button

            If there is an incident in the school that requires Lock-Down you can use the REACH Emergency Button. When you activate the Emergency Button REACH will:
            1.  Identify the last known locaton of all boarders
            2.  Create Roll Call lists and circulate them to staff
            3.  SMS all boarders known to be off campus and ask them to confirm their location.

            [8] Australian Standards

             Various information, forms and metrics that form part of the ABSA Australian Standards can be accessed from the Australian Standards icon.

            [9] Student Locator 

            The Student Locator chart identifies the real time status of your campus with the following metrics:
            1.  On or Off Campus Count identify how man boarders you have on or off campus based on a real time count according to the boarder Sign-in / Sign-out (SISO) status.
            2.  For those boarders on Campus the pie chart will identify their on-campus location.  Boarder current location is identified by the location colour.
            If you click on any of the elements in the Student Locator widget it will provide a list of boarders currently at that location.

            [10] Activity Metrics

            The Activity Metrics provide an overview of activities that are currently taking place in REACH for your campus. 

            [11] Meals Counts

            The Meals Count widget provides an overview of the meal count requirement for the various meals that your campus provides.
            This view can be switched between a Chart View (displayed above) or a Graph View  simply by checking the appropriate display selector box.

            To send the meals required confirmation to your catering department click on the Send to Kitchen button on the chart view.  This will send the chart details to the email address that you have placed in your kitchen configuration (ref 9.07)

            [12] Latest Events

            The Latest Events widget will show a running list of events that are taking place in REACH.  You can set the number of events that you want this widget to show and you can also set the type of events you would like the Latest Events widget to display. 
            You can scroll the list of events on your dashboard screen or you can click on the widget to open the list up as a new tab.

            [13]Latest News 
            Latest News displays the most recent news items that your school has published using the news function in REACH.
            Clicking on any news item will open the full details of the news item.
            Updated: 04 Nov 2016 09:40 PM
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