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            Dashboard - Running Leave Log

            Running Leave Log  

            The Running Leave Log dashboard is one of your main leave management tools in REACH.
            All of your current leave events will be listed in the Running Leave Log. This includes Pending, Approved, Current, Rejected and Expired leave if the leave return date has not already passed.
            The SEARCH tab allows you to search for boarders by first name or last name.
            Clicking on the name of a boarder at any time in REACH will open the Student Sidebar Screen.  This will allow you to check any boarders without interrupting your main work screen including boarder leave history and approved hosts.
            When you click on an event anywhere along the event details (except for name of the boarder - which will open the Student Sidebar Screen) it will open the Leave Details pop-up. 
            The pop-up will provide any leave approved with all of the critical data for the leave event.  You can approve or reject leave from this pop-up 
            Whenever you have a list view you can rank or sort the data by any of the column headers. You can rank or sort your display .
            Updated: 04 Nov 2016 09:38 PM
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