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            Dashboared Kiosk Module - Group SISO

            Kiosk View - Student Locator

            2.5  Kiosk View - Student Locator

            The Kiosk View or Student Locator View lets you know where each student is on campus with a colour coded outline of the boarder image. This screen will provide you with information on the student's current location and when they are scheduled to return.


            Boarder Thumbnail View

            Your Boarder Thumbnail View shows all boarders with their image and a colour coded location marker to identify their currnt location.

            Filter Options

            Filter Options allows you to filter your current screen view to a select specific population based on any combination of selection option that you have established in REACH.


            Hover over location detail

            Hovering your mouse over a particular Boarder's image will provide a description of that Boarder's current location and their expected return to the boarding house.


            Border SISO Sidebar

            Selecting a boarder will open the SISO sidebar which allows you to assign the new location to the selected boarder.

            Bulk SISO

            If you have a quantity of boarders moving to a single location then you can use the Bulk SISO function.

            Simply select the boarders that you want to assign to the new location and then from the Bulk SISO drop down option select the location that you want to move them to.
            Updated: 07 Nov 2016 10:41 PM
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