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            Email logs and email tracking in REACH

            We track the status of every email sent by your school's portal.  Emails are tracked for the following results

            1. Successful delivery to the recipient's email server
            2. Opening of the email
            3. Clicking in the email (for leave authoprisation requests)
            4. Failed or Rejected emails 
            We use this information to identify any suspicious leave approvals where the records might indicate that a student is attempting to approve access the system as their parent and approve their own leave requests.  See Suspicious Leave approval alerts for more details on this.

            These tracking results are now also available for you to view directly in your portal in the your Email Log.  Go to Dashboards > Email Log

            Not all users will have access to the Email Logs dashboard.  Access to the Email Logs can be controlled in each user's profile in their Accessibility Tab > Dashboards settings


            Rejected or Failed emails

            Email rejections or failures can occur for many reasons including deleted email addresses, full mailboxes, server connection errors or even overzealous spam filters blocking REACH content from reaching your parent community.

            You cannot identify failure causes in your Email Log, these suppressions need to be identified and lifted by REACH so if you identify any parents who are not receiving their emails please contact REACH Support at with the relevant email address and your School name we can investigate the suppression and  request a lifting of the suppression with the recipient's mail service.
            Updated: 21 Aug 2019 03:42 PM
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