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              Emergency Button

            The Emergency button is a unique feature in REACH and a very important risk management tool for your school.  It will provide invaluable assistance in the event of any emergency situation or evacuation procedure on your campus.

            When activated the REACH emergency button will immediately alert all staff on the system to an emergency incident by Push notification to the REACH mobile app, via SMS to the staff member's phone and by Email.

            In additiion to the alert notification the staff member will be provided with a file containing a list of all students on campus and their known location at the time of the emergency alert.  Staff can then use this list as a support document to assist wit normal emergency procedures.  

            As using the Emergency button will generate such a significant response from all staff, REACH has a 2-step confirmation for activation when this button is pressed.  This is to ensure that the Emergency button is not activated by mistake.

            At present the Emergency button has only one configuration (ie: emergency evacuation) however there is capacity for this function to accommodate other events which could be selected in the step 2 stage of activation.
            Updated: 01 Nov 2016 10:10 PM
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