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            How do I refresh my app's content?

            Refreshing your content and clearing your device's memory cache is very simple!

            First, try shaking your device (for iOS devices). This should automatically refresh the app and display the newest content. If this doesn't work for you try the following...

            On iOS

            1. Exit the app
            2. Double click the home button and all the apps you've been using should pop up.
            3. Find the screen you'd like to refresh, then flick it upwards until it disappears from the screen.
            4. The rest of the windows will scoot over and is now closed.
            5. Reopen the app.

            On Android

            1. Exit the App
            2. Open "Settings"
            3. Select “Applications / Application Manager” from the settings List
            4. In the list, select the app you would like to refresh
            5. Select the “Force Stop”, “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” buttons and then go ahead and reopen the app from your Home screen
            Updated: 26 Sep 2017 03:33 PM
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