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            HOW TO: Add a document to an email in REACH Communications Module

            When sending messages to any users or group of users in your REACH portal via the REACH Communications Module you can add documents and images to your message.

            To do this you need to upload the document to your REACH File Manage and then hyperlink to the document in your message.

            Step by Step Guide

            1. Upload your file to the REACH File Manager. Go to Data Management >> File Manager and select the folder (or create) that you want to save the document in.
            2. Select Upload and then find the file in your computer's file manager that you want to upload.
            3. Open the file that you have uploaded to check that it is the right file and copy the URL for the file from your browser to your clipboard.
            4. Create your message and select the Hyperlink icon in the editor.
            5. Add your saved document's hyperlink to the email.

            Users will be able to click on the hyperlink that you have inserted into the email and open the document that you have uploaded to your REACH File Manager.

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