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            HOW TO: Add a new host to your child's account.

            Adding new hosts to your child's REACH account can be done in one of two ways

            • By using the Host creation process in My Account
            • By selecting New Host as the host when creating Leave Request

            Add a host from the My Account screen

            1. Select My Account by going to the top right of screen and clicking on your name or image
            2. Select the Hosts Tab in the My Account screen. This will display all of the hosts that are associated to your child or children in REACH.
            3. Select New Host to add a new host
            4. Complete the personal contact details of your new host and association them to you child or children
            5. When you Save, REACH will search to see if this host already exists in REACH to save duplication.

            Quick Host Creation in Leave Requests

            This is an optional Host Creation method that must be activated by your school.
            1. Select New Host when creating your leave request
            2. Complete the contact details of your new host
            3. REACH will search the database for a match to see if that host already exists in REACH
            4. Once selected, your host can be used in the leave request you are creating.

            Updated: 30 Oct 2018 11:38 PM
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