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            How to Add a New Parent or Guardian

            Step-by-Step Guide

            1. Getting there: People Management >> View Contacts >> Add New Contact
            2. For adding new Parents or Guardians there are 3 compulsory sections that you need to add data to in order for the Parent or Guardian to function correctly in REACH.

              1. Personal Information is where we set personal information about a user. Compulsory fields are

                • First Name
                • Last Name
                • Email
                • Mobile Number
              2. Security Information is where we set the user type and their access credentials to REACH. Compulsory fields are

                • Role Type in REACH (selector)
                • Username
                • Password / Confirm Password
              3. Associations is where you link the Parent or Guardian to a student and create the relationship.

                • Name of Associate
                • Relationship to the Associate
                • Whether Communications are to be sent

            IMPORTANT: If your school has database connection to REACH then adding new Parents, Guardians and Students is done automatically via the integration. In most instances your REACH database will update daily with any changes that are made to your school database.

            Updated: 10 Oct 2017 10:35 AM
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