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            How to add a new student to REACH

            Find it:  People Management >> View Contacts >> Add New Contact

            You can add a new students to REACH at any time by going to the People Management menu.

            Step-by-step guide
            For adding new Students there are 4 compulsory sections that you need to add data to in order for the Parent or Guardian to function correctly in REACH.

             1. Personal Information

            Personal Information is where we the primary personal details about a student. Compulsory fields are highlighted in Green and other beneficial fields are highlighed in Yellow.

                1. First Name
                2. Last Name
                3. Email 
                4. Mobile Number
                5. Preferred Name
                6. Date of Birth
                7. Gender

             2. Security Information

            The Security Tab is where we set the user type and their access credentials to REACH. Compulsory fields are

                1. Role Type in REACH (Select Boarder)
                2. Username
                3. Pasword / Confirm Password 

             3. Metadata

            Setting the Metadata for the student is a critical step.  This identified the Dorm and Grade that a student belongs to.  Both of these fields are necessary for the student to appear in your various student lists (eg: Kiosk view, Rollcalls, etc). Your Grade and Dorm options are preset selectable fields.  Your Dorm and Grade levels are set in the "Lookups" section of your System Configuration. (see System Config >> Lookups)

                1. Select the Students Current location
                2. Select the House/Dorm that a student belongs to
                3. Select the Year/Grade that a student belongs to

             4. Set the Parent, Guardian & Host Associations

            Once a Student is created you then need to ensure that they have their parents associated to them. If no parents or guardians are associated to a student then you will receive error messages when a student o parent is attempting to create a leave request.

                1. Name of Associate
                2. Relationship to the Associate
                3. Whether Communications  are to be sent

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