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            How to create a dedicated student Kiosk

            Kiosk, SISOREACH BioPad 3200 Kiosk

            REACH allows you to create dedicated touchscreen kiosks for students to use when signing in and out of the boarding house.  These dedicated devices can be locked down to a Kiosk Only view so that access to other parts of REACH are prevented.  Students can then use the dedicated Kiosk device for all of their sign in and sign out movements.

            Any PC, Tablet or other device can be used as a dedicated student Kiosk. It simply needs to access the REACH web application or dedicated app as a Kiosk Only User.

            How to create a Kiosk Only User

            Kiosk only users are created in your People Management section.  Generally only users with system administrator access will be able to access the People Management section.

            1.  Create a New User
            2.  In the Security Tab set the Role Type as Staff - Kiosk View
            3.  Set a username and password for the Kiosk Only user
            4.  If you want to filter the display that the Kiosk will show by default then set the "Groups Managed" to reflect this for the Kiosk user account you have created.
            5. Check that the Accessibility settings of the account created are set to act as staff and are locked to Kiosk mode.

            When you log into your intended device as the Kiosk Only User then the access will be locked down to the Kiosk screen only. 

            You can preset the filters that will display for the Kiosk view by setting the Groups Managed by this Kiosk Only user.  Here you can select the Year and/or Dorm categories that you would like to display by default.  Users can still adjust the filters on the screen to see more or less information however the Groups Managed settings will be set as the default view for your Kiosk Only display.

            Checking Accessibility Settings

            Accessibility settings can be set in the Infinity module of your System Configuration by setting the Base Security settings for the Role Type = Kiosk Only or they can be set in the individual user profile for each Kiosk account that you create in the "Accessibility" tab of the user profile.

            In either instance, the Security setting for a Kiosk Only account should have the ability to behave as a staff member and to be locked to a Kiosk Only mode.

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