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            How to manage iPad devices from going into sleep mode

            iOS Settings
            In modern versions of iOS, you can stop the iPad from sleeping the display with inactivity, or delay how long it takes for iPad to sleep the screen, by doing the following:

            1.  Open the “Settings” app on iPad

            2. Go to “Display & Brightness” then choose “Auto-Lock”
            3. How to stop iPad screen sleeping

              Stop iPad screen sleeping and turning off
              3.  Choose one of the following options suited to your iPad display needs:
              • Never – to stop the iPad from sleeping itself completely, choose “Never” as the option, this will completely prevent the iPad from sleeping the screen on its own
              • 2 minutes
              • 5 minutes
              • 10 minutes
              • 15 minutes

            To completely disable the iPad screen sleep behavior just choose “Never”, but note that by doing so you will need to lock the iPad display yourself by hitting the lock/power button on the device (or using the virtualized lock button via Accessibility).

            Updated: 15 Jan 2018 12:28 AM
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