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            How to permit staff to administer medications

            Security is critical when it comes to managing medicines, handling private medical information and administering medications to students and REACH has specific control measures in place that allow you to control access to medical information and the ability to medicate students in the Medications module.

            Enabling staff to administer medications is a two step process that requires setting the user's Access Rights to Medications and then to also set the Dispensing authority for medication categories.

            Step 1  Providing Access Rights for medications

            Staff member access to medications and to administering medications is controlled by the user's Base Security Settings in REACH Infinity, the access control manager for REACH users in your System Configuration or via the individual's personal Accessibility settings.

            The five Base Security settings which control access to medications can be found in the Medical section of the user's Base Security Settings. You can set the following controls to Yes or No;

            Med_Create controls whether the user is able to create medications in your medications register.

            Med_Edit controls whether a user is able to edit medications on your medications register.

            Med_Assign determines whether a user is able to allocate or prescribe PMOs to students.

            Med_Cat_Assign determines whether a user is able to set other users' permissions in regards to administering medications.

            Med_Cat_Administer determines whether a user is able to administer medications to students. 

            Base Security settings are set for user Roles and all users in that Role will be provided with the relevant access setting.  ontrol.Setting the Base Security level of a Role is done in the System Config > Infinity settings. 

            Setting an individual's Accessibility settings is done in the Personal Profile > Acccessibility Tab of the user's account. These settings will apply for the individual user only. 

            Step 2  Providing Permission to Administer medications

            When a staff member has been permitted to administer medications to students, the Dispensing tab will be displayed in their Personal Profile (Medical tab).  Step 2 is then to set the medication categories that the staff member is  permitted to administer to students. This setting can only be set individually for each permitted staff member. You cannot bulk allocate dispensing category permissions for staff. This is a security control procedure that can only be managed on an individual basis.

            Updated: 10 Jun 2018 06:01 PM
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