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            How we record fingerprint information in REACH

            There are strict regulations that REACH must meet in order to use fingerprint biometrics securely as an authentication method for system users. 

            These regulations vary by regional jurisdiction however it is important to acknowledge in all cases that REACH and your school are in the first instance required to
            meet the provisions of your Data Privacy Regulations relating to biometric information.

            How we record biometric information

            REACH BioPad captures images and measurements of fingerprints to extract unique biometric data. It uses a complex set of algorithms to identify and apply unique minutiae
            measurements into an encrypted binary number template.

            No Fingerprints are Saved   
            An important distinction in the procedure for fingerprint data management using REACH is that an image of the fingerprint is
            never stored by the REACH BioPad or the REACH Boarding School System itself.

            Encrypting Fingerprints

            An encrypted binary template (i.e. measurements taken from the fingerprints captured) is created and used to establish the characteristic for each unique identity and this is
            verified when replica binary prints are identified.  Importantly, this encrypted binary template is only usable in the REACH system. 

            Updated: 04 Feb 2018 05:07 PM
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