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            IP address alerts for suspicious leave approvals in REACH

            During the approval procedure for leave requests one of the many things that REACH monitors and records in your audit log. 

            One of the important items that we monitor and record is the IP address of all participants. The IP address is the digital location of the user when they transact on REACH. 

            We can use this IP address to help us identify any suspicious approvals that are being processed for students which fall into the following categories;

            1.  Approving Parent/Host IP address = Student IP Address

            When a leave request is created by a student and the Parent or Guardian's approving IP address matches the leave creation IP address of the student. This will indicate instances where it is possible that a student is attempting to approve leave as the parent.

            2.  Approving Parent IP address = School Network address

            When a Parent or Guardian's approving IP address matches the school's IP address.  This will indicate instances where it is possible that a student is attempting to approval leave as the parent from the school's identified network. 

            When we identify leave request that fit these profiles we make then a s potentially suspicious with an IP Alert icon in the Manage Leave screen. 

            The IP Alert icon provides a visual alert for staff when viewing the manage leave screen that is worthy of further assessment prior to approving the leave request.

            Assessing the details of an IP Alert

            Clicking on any leave item that contains an IP Alert icon in the Manage Leave screen will open up the details view of the leave request.

            Here you can identify what the trigger for the IP Alert was and in the Leave Audit Trail you will be able to identify the approval transaction that triggered the IP Alert.

            Alerts do not prevent approval

            IP Alerts do not prevent you from approving a leave request, they are merely a prompt that draws your attention to the information in the approval procedure that might indicate that a student is attempting to approve their own leave request in place of their parent.

            IP Alerts are a flag that suggests to staff that there is information that they need to be aware of before approving the leave request.

            How to set your School IP credentials for IP Alert tracking

            Setting your school's IP network credentials provides REACH with the network addresses that represent your campus locations.  Devices using this WIFI network will then be identified as using the school's network or being on campus.

            Setting these credentials requires access to the System Configuration menu in REACH. 
            Go to System Configuration > Network

            IP Address can also be set to create a Geo-Fence

            In the network settings section you can also create a geo-fence using your campus IP address details so that students who are permitted to sign themselves back in from off campus leave events must be on the campus network in order to sign back in to campus.

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