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            Kiosk Screen version 3.3

            Your REACH Kiosk view has undergone some changes as part of the Nifty User interface upgrade with some visual improvements and functionality additions.

            1. Search by Alphabetical

              Search for you students using the Alphabet search bar on the right hand side of your screen.

            2. View or hide your filters and locations legend

              You can display or hide your data filtering options by clicking on the filter icons at the top of your page. You are able to filter your data using any of your primary lookup criteria including:

              • Year/Grade
              • House/Dorm
              • Location
              • Student Groups

            3. Multi selector has moved

              You can still multi-select students for bulk sign in or sign out. You can turn multi-selection on ond off using the multi icon next to the Filter Icons. To process a bulk SISO you need to use the drop down selector beside the multi-select icon.

            4. Click Student Name for Student Sidebar

              New functionality in the version 3.3 Kiosk screen provides you with access to the student sidebar to access student history or to add student notes when in Kiosk view.

            5. Click Student Image for location selector or Leave Sign Out

              Click on the student image to open the Location selection screen to select a location of the next leave event to sign the student out to.

            Updated: 03 Oct 2017 05:58 PM
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