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            Leave Cutoffs - Submissions vs. Leave Date Restriction

            A Leave Cut Off defines the boundaries for managing when leave can be submitted before you want to prevent the users from submitting more leave.

            The concept is to force users to have their leave organized in advance so that they're not waiting until the last minute, therefore creating undue workloads for the Leave Approvers.

            A Leave Cut off works by examining the data entered by the user and comparing it with a set of rules you configure per Leave Type.

            Submission Date Restriction
            Sometimes you want to prevent leave requests of a certain type from being submitted after a set day of the week. For example, say you want all your weekend leave in by Thursday @ 12 noon, regardless of when the Boarder is taking their weekend leave.

            You would, therefore, restrict by submission date saying that Thursday @ 12 pm is the last time this week that we'll accept "Weekend Leave". Thursday at 11:59 am is, therefore, the last minute before the cut off will take effect.

            Leave Date Restriction
            In the above example, we said, no leave can be submitted after Thursday @ 12 pm, but say in this example, we don't mind WHEN you submit the leave but you can only TAKE the leave between these specific times.

            In this example say we want to make Weekend Leave for Friday @ 3 pm until Sunday @ 12 am. A Leave Date restriction will prevent the Boarder from submitting a leave request where the Leave Date is prior to Friday @ 3 pm, REGARDLESS of when it's actually submitted.

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