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            Leave - Overview

            Managing Leave is the foundation of REACH and the most commonly used feature.
            REACH offers a full control and management system that allows you to configure, control, manage, monitor and report leave events easily.  These functions are supported by a flexible communications system that enables you to communicate leave events and notices by Email, SMS and Push Notification to the REACH mobile app for parents, hosts and boarders.
             Approving or Declining a leave request is simply a matter of clicking on the pending button from any of the leave displays available in REACH and selecting the status of choice.  Where a leave request is being declined there is an opportunity to add an explanatory note to the declined status.

             Leave Notifications are automatically distributed to all relevant parties to the leave request.  These details are configured as each leave type is created in REACH.

             Leave Types You can create an unlimited number of leave types in REACH and each leave type has complete flexibility on who is permitted to request the leave type, the notifications and approvals required. See Leave Types for full details.

             Leave Transport Types You can create an unlimited number of leave transport types for both departing and returning transport.  Leave transport types for pick-up from campus and return to campus are a compulsory inclusion in any leave request. See Leave Transport Types for full details.
            Updated: 04 Nov 2016 09:03 PM
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