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            Locations, what are they and how do I use them?
            If a Leave Type is defined by “needing approval prior to going out on Leave”, then should I create a Location for every “location” a Boarder can go to?
            In short, the answer is no. If a Boarder submits a leave request for Aunty Sarah’s house, having a location called “Aunty Sarah” will allow you to SISO (Sign-in Sign-out) them to Aunty Sarah’s, but this location is only ever used by one (or a few) Boarders at best, and in the end, your Location list will grow into the thousands.
            A location is a GEOGRAPHICAL location that a Boarder can BE at. That being said there is a “special” location called “Approved Leave” in REACH v2 which will be removed in REACH v3 to avoid ambiguity.
            Locations, such as Gym, Cricket Oval, Local Shops, Mc Donalds, etc. are prime candidates for locations as they represent both On and Off Campus locations that Boarders can go.
            Each Location can also be locked down to prevent Boarders from freely signing out to that location. Lockdown can be done by requiring a Boarder to enter their PIN number, requiring a Staff member to enter their PIN number or a combination of both. This security configuration is completely at your discretion.
            When Boarders wish to go to a preset location, such as the Gym, the Boarder can come down to reception and find a staff member and ask for permission and the Staff member performs the SISO, or the Boarder can come down to reception and find a Kiosk terminal and SISO themselves. They can also SISO directly from their mobile device by logging into REACH as themselves and updating their Location in the Quick SISO widget.
            Unattended SISO can be disabled by means of locking down Locations to requiring a Staff PIN, or by selecting NO in the System Configuration -> Leave -> Allow Boarders to see Off Campus locations item.
            Updated: 07 Nov 2016 10:21 PM
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