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            Managing locations in REACH

            Creating and managing locations is something that is only avaiable to users who have access to the System Configuration of REACH. THis is often limited to Administrators or senior staff only.

            Getting there: System Configuration >> Locations

            Locations are ON or OFF campus places that you can create in order to track student movements. There is no limit to the number of locations that you can create in REACH.

            Locations are used in the Sign In / Sign Out (SISO) process to identify where a boarder is moving to.

            The Locations colour scales are used in the Kiosk View (Student Locator Screen) as the outline to the student image for easy identification of the current student location.

            Setting Location Details

            • Set whether the location is On or Off Campus
            • Set the display Colour for the location
            • Set whether or not the location Requires Boarder PIN for access
            • Set whether or not the location Requires Staff PIN for access
            • Shortcode is the 3 digit ShortCode that you can use for this location in small device displays.

            Note: Setting Staff PIN to YES for off campus locations ensures that a student cannot sign out to an off campus location without staff intervention.

            Linking a Location to Leave

            For each location you can create some leave defaults that will record help to manage movements to location.

            Set Allowed Time is a time allocation that you can set for any location. This will be used for REACH to determine and report the estimated return time of a student who has signed out to a location. The setting time is in minutes and you can set different default times for each year group.

            When an allowed time is set then REACH will treat the location as a leave event and the student will appear on the Airport view of your portal with their expected return time identified.

            You can also associate the location to a leave type or transport type. Setting these details will provide more information when displaying the location movement in other REACH screens.

            Location Restrictions

            You can restrict the availability of each location to any student group or combination of student groups. By using Contact Flags you can even restrict the location availability to an individual. Simply select the availability of each location from the filters available.

            Updated: 03 Oct 2017 05:36 PM
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