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            Multi-tasking with your boarding school software

            multi-task post it notes There’s a lot to do in boarding. You have a lot of students to care for, a lot of things happening at any moment in a day. Juggling multiple tasks at any time is what boarding staff do. You have to in order to work efficiently and meet the heavy workload.

            It’s an odd contradiction then if what should be your greatest efficiency tool, your boarding school software, might restrict boarding staff to working on only one task at a time.  That’s why at REACH we developed the ability for users to multi-task.

            Using REACH you can open as many different workspaces as you want.  Your open workspaces will sit at the top of your REACH dashboard and each workspace will update to maintain their real-time presence as you make changes in other workspaces on REACH.

            Multi-tasking for boarding school staff using REACH Boarding School Software System

            You can switch seamlessly between any of your workspace tabs and work on multiple activities simultaneously.
            multi-tasking improves efficiency in boarding schools

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            You may have a dorm roll-call open in one tab, a student profile you are updating in another, a student medical report you are checking in another tab, the sign out kiosk in another, your daily campus movements in another …. there is no restriction to which workspaces can co-exist with REACH multi-tasking.

            Eliminating your paperwork overload is just the beginning of the efficiency benefits your boarding school can gain from REACH.  Being able to multi-task your boarding school administration provides a multiplier effect for the efficiency benefits that you can expect when using REACH at your boarding school.  Efficiency gains are significant and tangible, saving you many work hours per week.

            Manage Risk, Gain Efficiency and Improve Communications with REACH.

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            Updated: 01 Nov 2016 09:35 PM
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