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            My Account - Parents

            In the right hand corner of your REACH screen you will see your login name and the personal menu icon. The User Menu is available from all pages in REACH. Clicking on the personal menu icon will display the menu options.

            The My Account option is where you manage your personal details in REACH.

            You can access the My Account page User Menu on the top right of your screen.

            There are multiple tabs in the My Account screen for each of the various sections of detail that make up your identity in REACH and hosts that are associated with children that you are responsible for.

            Your mobile phone number and your email address are critical field in REACH because these the reference points for REACH to make contact with you for leave requests and notifications.

            Parent Portal Tour from Touchline on Vimeo.

            Updated: 26 Sep 2017 03:11 PM
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