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            Pastoral Care - Incident Report Create, View and Amend

            Creating a Pastoral Report

            To create a new Pastoral Report or note click on the Create Pastoral Report option in the Pastoral Management Menu.

            This will open the new Pastoral Report form for you to complete.

            Select your Primary Boarders

            You can select one or more boarders from the drop down boarder list.  Keying any name details into the search bar will refine the list of boarders to show only those who are matching your search string.

            Select any Associated Boarders

            If there are any boarders associated with the pastoral report then you can select those boarder names in the same way that you select the Primary Boarders.

            Select Staff to inform

            You can identify which staff are notified about a pastoral report by selecting them from the drop down staff selector.

            Select the Incident Type

            Your incident types are pre-configured as Pastoral Lookups in your Systems Configuration module.  Select the type of incident that you would like to report from the drop down incident type selector.

            Complete incident details

            You can complete your incident description in the free form text editor.  

            Pastoral Reports are recorded to a Boarder's profile.  They will be visible in the Pastoral Notes History of a boarder's profile in the Student Sidebar Screen. 

            Updated: 08 Nov 2016 10:03 PM
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